Kwic-Klip® Film Fastening System

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Kwic-Klip® Extrusions are used on all surfaces. Easily attached to wood or metal and is reusable time and again.  The base may be curved over bows.  Use the curved cap over bows.  

  • Holding Power: Over 250 lbs. of holding power per lineal foot without creating stress points or sear force on the poly.  Kwic-Klip® has held poly on through hurricane winds.
  • Fast and Easy Installation and Removal:  Self-locking, 2-piece, high strength aluminum alloy extrusions snap-on/snap-off for quick, smooth, easy installation and removal of film.  
  • Total Capability:  Designed for maximum performance on the greenhouse.  Ideal for double and single layer (up to 12 mil) air-inflated greenhouses.

Kwic-Klip® is self-shading, protecting your poly from UV rays and heat build-up at critical holding points.  Use the curved cap over bows. Holds 2 layers of film.

The Greenhouse Company recommends using a film without a slip agent with our Kwic-Klip® System.

Cap and Base are sold separately.

Kwic-Klip® cap and base are in 4 ft. increments.

Kwic-Klip® cap and base are packed 100 ft. per box

Prebent cap is in 6 inch pieces.

Angle Base is in 8 ft. increments

 An over-dimension length fee may be added to items 6 ft. and longer.  An email will be sent to notify you of the additional fee before your order is shipped.