Small Greenhouse Kit For Backyard

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The Hobby House ships by LTL freight carriers.  A freight quote will be emailed to you for approval before your order is shipped. 

Don't let your budget  keep you from your dream.

The Hobby House is an affordable, fully functional, scaled down greenhouse.  Not only will you be able to grow new plants each season, but you can also keep them alive and healthy throughout the winter.  Low maintenance and easy to operate.

The Hobby House package includes:

  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Double layer clear 6mil 4 year polyethylene film cover with poly fastening system
  • Inflation blower, bracket and jumper hoses
  • One heavy duty storm door
  • One Exhaust fan
  • Shutter (One in the 12' x 12' or Two in the 12' x 24')
  • Heater for 12' x 12' - Electric space heater 220 volt OR 
  • Heater for 12' x 24' - Propane or natural gas unit heater with vent pipe and heater hanger (please specify gas type when placing order)
  • One greenhouse bench (one 4' x 10' in the 12' x 12' or one 4' x 20' in the 12' x 24')
  • Thermostats (one for the 12' x 12' or two for the 12' x 24'

 Assembly required.  Installation not included.

Treated lumber for endwall framing and baseboards not included.

Lead time approximately 4 weeks.